Heroes’ Cup Hockey Tournament

Sunday, April, 22nd


Backyard BBQ Cook-OFF!!
Presented by Blue Cross


2ND ANNUAL HERO'S CUP Cook off presented by Blue Cross+

Categories & Rules:

Two meat categories will be judged in this contest Appetizer and Entree you must compete in both categories for prizes. Hero’s Cup rules and regulations and Judging Procedures will be used for the Backyard BBQ Cook-off. 

Set Up:

  • Space is limited to 10 backyard cook-off teams
  • Competitors may cook on Gas or Charcoal grills only. (grills will not be provided)
  • Space is allocated at New England Sports Center on a first-come, first served basis, no assigned spots
  • Spaces provided do not have electrical amenities.
  • Competitors may start arriving at 6:30am , Sunday April 22nd
  • Teams can bring their own canopy/tents (weather could be a factor, so plan accordingly)


  • All meat will be inspected upon arrival at New England Sports Center, meat may be prepared and seasoned or marinated prior to meat inspection.
  • Teams will be given a number for each meat entry
  • Entries should be brought to Judges Tent at the following turn-in times on Sunday, April 22nd.      
  •   Appetizer: 1 pm  & Entree 1:30 pm 



1st Place

2nd Place


1st Place

2nd Place


Heroes’ Cup Hockey Tournament Backyard BBQ Cook-off Entry Form

Heroes’ Cup Hockey Tournament Backyard BBQ Cook-off

General Backyard Barbecue Cook-off rules

  • Barbecue, for the purpose of this contest, is defined as raw or uncured meat prepared over charcoal fire or gas grill fire, basted or not, as the cook sees fit
  • A contestant is any individual or group that will prepare and cook an entry or entries for the purpose of being judged. (contestants will be referred to as “Grillers”
  • Each Griller will supply all of the equipment necessary for the preparation and cooking of the entry. Only charcoal or gas grills, (NO open/pit fires). The health and safety of everyone involved should be a primary consideration when selecting appropriate cooking fuels.
  • A blind judging system is based on a duplicate numbered ticket (e.g. theatre ticket) which will be utilized in both judging categories. Blind judging consists of one-half of the double ticket being with the entry and the matching number staying with the griller.
  • All entries will be judged on a scale of 1 through 10 in each of the judging criteria, with 10 being the best
  • If there is a tie, the Appetizer score will be used to break the tie, if there is still a tie, the Entree score will be used next as a tie breaker.  If we still have a tie we will turn to Super Deker board and have top stick handling score as a complete curve ball with a hockey twist. 
  • Competing cooks are not allowed to judge and judges are not allowed to cook.
  • All Grillers are expected to maintain their cook site in an orderly and clean manner and to use good sanitary practices during the preparation, cooking and judging process
  • Grillers are responsible for cleanup of their site once the completion has ended
  • Each team should be equipped with a readily available and visible working fire extinguisher, minimum suggested is 5lb. ABC.
  • Entries will be submitted (with enough for 3 judges) on plates, or container with eating utensils provided.
  • Each entry will be judged on Appearance, Taste/Flavor, Tenderness and Texture
  • The interpretation of the rules and regulations are those of the contest organizer and his or her decisions are final.

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